Heaters keep constant the gaseous phase of the liquefied gas cylinder for a good working order of the pipeline and equipment. They prevent the freezing up of the regulators.

2 models are available: 500 and 1000 Watt

They are available for all gas needing a warming-up of its low temperature (CO2, Argon/CO2...), corrosive and flammable gas excluded.


Maximum inlet pressure P1 : 200 or 300 bar

Bursting disk pressure : 330 bar Voltage (supply) : 230 V ac 50/60 Hz Power  : 500 W or 1000 W

Electric protection/Airtightness  : IP 66

Temperature (Thermostat preset at) :

60°C (140°F) Thermal fuse cut-off : 98°C (210°F)

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